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The CEO Warrior Mindset: Science-based Decision Making

Are you consistently hitting your business goals? Each day, CEOs consistently face uncertainties, volatility, management challenges, increasing demands on their time, and a never ending stream of meetings. Based on working with thousands of clients over the last few decades, we have found that the top performing CEOs create a set of guidances, lessons, and repetitive trainings – that allow them, just like a skilled marksman – to hit their target each and every step of the way.


The single most helpful lesson Dr. Raul Sanchez will teach you is a concept he calls “Fail Fast.” This key mind hack will allow you to shed old thought patterns that don’t work; with new thought patterns that will work – where you will be transformed into a peak performer. You will feel more light, quick, flexible, able, and ready to manage your own thoughts and to motivate your team to reach their goals and objectives. 



Why do 91% of people who sign up for a challenge quit before they complete their goal?


Why is it that the vast majority of people will listen to their boss, friend, and family members but they cannot follow-through on their own goals.


The TOP 9% of achievers are consistent with their actions regardless of how they “feel.” They create and grow what I call “The Resiliency Framework.” When you learn this science-based framework, you will learn how to live self-aware, to live by stacking days like bricks, and to never quit on yourself, your family, and your legacy again.


"There’s ✌🏽TiMES to be great, when you feel like it and when you don’t!”TM

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What is it that drives us all to collect more, more, and more. Most people have so much stuff that they pay monthly just to store more stuff.


Well, this isn't only true with material items, it is also true with emotional real estate.


What if I told you the science of shedding is very clear: true peace only comes from letting go through learning acceptance.


It is time to learn the science of shedding so you finally understand your "WHY" that makes you FLY over all the pains of the past to stop seeking things that never last.

The Living Legacy Keynote

Years ago, when I was a struggling 19-year-old dad of a 2-year-old boy named Tyler, I experienced a crushing moment that transformed by life forever. One day when I came home, my wife told me about Tyler’s poor behavior. I walked toward him and he ran to hide. When I found him, he was crying. He said, “I’m afraid of you because you’re going to spank me.” After he said that, I cried. I did not know what to do but at that moment, flashbacks of getting punched in the face by my father-figure flooded my mind.


As a parent/mentor, what will be your legacy?


Do your kids run and hide from you? Do your teens avoid you? Do your adult children ever call you to talk?


What if I told you that your legacy is your “Default-Mode Parenting” that was programmed by your own dad/parent/mentor.


In this riveting, emotionally-charged, and life-changing keynote, you will learn how to create a true “Living Legacy” where you do not have to die before your children get your Legacy!


In this riveting, emotionally-charged, and life-changing keynote, learn how to 
* Create a true “Living Legacy”
* Be the approachable and contagious parent/mentor
* Be the parent/mentor you always wanted


No one knows whether you will live one more day, week, year, or decade. Learn how to live this day focusing on what matters most in life – your living legacy!


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